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2015-11-05 10:31:42

  Henan Yongwei pay a lot attention to product innovation. the Third Generations shoulder lamp is a good example.

The Second Generation shoulder lamp to obtain patents, got numerous praise and applause, it can be said to have been a myth shoulder light industry, for Yongwei it is a big challenge to achieve the value of The Third Generations of the shoulder lights.

Highlight Upgrade
In order to improve warning effect, shade material ABS engineering machines, transparency are like glass, red and blue 5 times enhanced warning effect.

Waterproof upgrade
Considering that people who wear the shoulder lamp may suffer from rain and snow, so the three generations of great importance to waterproof shoulder lamp shade is made of the overall injection molding, closely fit the rear, through the stamping process and thread dual fixed, shade and if one of the muddy bottom, to achieve a waterproof, dustproof, corrosion, shock effect.

Feature upgrades
Three Generations of the shoulder lights led lamp beads using are all excellent products, after purchasing, quality, production department layers of testing, until 18 wick fully achieved excellent quality, only for production.
Three kinds of warning mode, 270-degree warning effect, rain, fog can well see, meet a variety of needs.

Parts Upgrade
The Third Generations is 27 degrees concave shoulder clothespin longer rotatable peg, using the latest pc materials, high-strength spring snaps, tough, durable, shoulder lamps on the market not comparable.