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Chinese UAV technology advanced ,The United States spend large sum of money still can't keep up with the technology in China

2014-10-20 16:45:26

 According to Russian universal military reported 】 【 "military messenger weekly reports, authoritative analysis company" forecast international "recently in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to predict the future market, points out that the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) made in China will occupy the world market in the next ten years half, Chinese arms companies over the next decade will be the world's largest manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

According to the forecast figures released by the international assessment, over the next decade unmanned aviation equipment markets around the world will be more than doubled, will increase from $2014 in 942 million to $2023 in 2.3 billion. Market growth is mainly driven by unmanned systems price rising. As for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) production, even fell, is expected by the year 1000 to 2017 between 2020 and 960. According to the statistical data analysts, China aviation industry group company will lead the world in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) production market. Forecast international points out, China aviation industry by the year 2023 will produce $5.76 billion worth of unmanned aviation equipment, in terms of the amount will be accounted for in the same period more than half of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) markets around the world. Almost all of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) factory plans to sell to Chinese consumers. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) production in avic after world giants will be America's northrop grumman, are expected to raise $2.58 billion in 2023 to unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

Avic and its division is now producing several unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for the domestic market. According to aviation electronic intelligence magazine reported that catic industrial production of MAV miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) used electric motor, and the United States almost developed by northrop grumman rq-4 global hawk unmanned aircraft used for reconnaissance and surveillance, as for the "third eye" electric unmanned helicopter, it is mainly used for artillery and missile brigade reconnaissance and target designation, and "dragon" aerial target is used to simulate the cruise missile.

Growing uav team for China to show itself has repeatedly successful deployment capabilities, especially according to Chinese state media reported that 2013 Beijing ever consider using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to carry out attacks in the golden triangle region, destroy China after Burma drug traffickers, but then decided to capture the criminal. In addition, in Japan in September 2012 to celebrate the first anniversary of the so-called nationalization diaoyu island farce, the Japanese had sent jets scrambled to intercept unknown drones region near the diaoyu islands. Beijing later confirmed that the drone belongs to China, when in flight mission execution plan. After a few weeks, Japanese media reported that the Tokyo government began studying elimination violation of Japanese airspace foreign unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) plan. Back in Beijing, said the move will be regarded as war crimes by the Chinese.

China from generic was shot down in the 1960 s the United States "fire" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) started to develop domestic unmanned aerial vehicles. Appeared in 1972 "no investigation - 5" unmanned drones first test samples, and the famous "changhong 1" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). China's unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) originally developed by China academy of air-to-air missile, decades of the people's liberation army has always been the main users. According to some sources of news, China in 1979 during the broadest deployment using unmanned aviation equipment, obtained valuable information, to assist the operation of success.

In the past five years, China's unmanned aviation equipment manufacturing industry in succession, the ability to make many experts by surprise. China aviation industry representatives on the one hand, to show their unique independent research and development of products, on the other hand continue to copy western advanced products.

Georgia institute of technology engineers, famous drone expert Robert Mitchell, wrote on the "defence news weekly, he once in 2011 and 2013 China international contest as a judge on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) innovation, saw 2011 shaanxi xi 'an northwest industry university show uav rotorcraft in flight to a halt. Was mainly developed in the field of American drones, though got huge investment, the pentagon and NASA has always can't realize unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) transition from a hover state to a state of high speed flying. Scheme is different with the United States, the Chinese entries is truly capable of using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) finished products.

Mitchell, 2013 more shocked, he saw a Chinese university to solve unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) airfoil aerodynamic flow around the effect of high pressure, and this is never before someone tried the most complicated problem. Nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics to develop this type of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) referred to as the "purple electric" unmanned aerial vehicles (plasma). American experts stressed that this was a unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for the first time in the history of using high pressure to reduce drag and increase the lift.

All of the above, however, has failed to make the development of the unique Chinese experts to stop copying western best products. Among them, China's first unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) "no investigation - 5" and the ASN - 206 "fire" and "pioneer" imitation. Is often easy to imitation of other American drone MQ - 1 "predators" and "global hawk". Chinese version of "predators" is the name of "pterosaur - 1", it assembled a 100 - horsepower piston engine. Chinese version is the name of the global hawk BZK - 005 "xianglong", weighs 7484 kg, cruising altitude of 17376 meters.

Chengdu aircraft industry company since 2006 developed "xianglong" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). From the existing photos, the machine adopts double vertical tail stealth layout, wingspan 22.86 meters, the range of 6437 km, below the nose gear gyro stabilized electro-optical system.

Iran got knocked down in the United States in 2011 developed by lockheed Martin RQ - 170 "the sentinel" remains of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Then it appeared on the Chinese website pictures of similar products, so that the speculation that China has launched a generic "sentry drones. Experts point out that any American drones big project sooner or later will be copied. Now China is developing a new type of supersonic stealth unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), using the wings and tail tank, called "dark sword", can let a person associate to the United States "the avengers" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). Rival shenyang university developed two stealth drone crossbow "day" and "the wind blade", using a slightly longer cantilever wing with wing tips, when the carrier operations monitoring and target designation missions.