Case Study

LED reflective vest

2014-10-20 16:00:14

Our reflective vest Is made of high quality nylon, fluorescent yellow (green) color.

Detailed specification:

1. double lamp on shoulder

2. red and blue flash and white light often bright for lighting when you are walk on the night

3. Suit for men and women, old and young,  general skinny or  fat with elastic waistband

4. With rechargeable batteries for easy using.


Wearing a reflective vest when you are at traffic command or labor construction on the night, in order to have obvious warning effect to ensure his safety, glowing with respect to reflection when the car light irradiation to the upper. But due to the fog weather, outside while on duty at night light is insufficient, reflective film is passive reflection light, reflection Angle is too small, the reflected light effect is poorer, combined with the human eye and less sensitive to fixed the reflection of the light source, etc., so that the original reflective vests (only article reflective light) already cannot satisfy the modern urban traffic management and labor construction work at night when the warnings need!

Surface material:

Made of high quality nylon, not easy deformation wrinkling, fine mesh design, good permeability, wearing comfortable, fabric color for fluorescent yellow, color beautiful, and have certain visual warning to rent.

Reflective materials:

Using imported PVC lattice article grade A glance that's reflective night retroreflecting distance of up to 300 meters, bright color, corrosion resistance, durable, etc.


LED flash:

Using LED electronic LED lamp bead integral assembled, high brightness, energy saving, water proof such outstanding advantages. Dress the front and back of each pair, design a variety of flashing mode, at the same time, both illumination function.


LED flash | reflective vest adjusted its words can be used for the traffic police on duty, the road administration law enforcement, fire emergency, road construction, sanitation cleaning, gas stations, parking lot, and the wild big job site staff, such as high warning effect, can greatly improve the staff's personal safety